Symptoms Of Low Testosterone In Men

Low Testosterone Symptoms In Men

Low testosterone is a common condition among aging men. As you age, it is natural to see a dip in testosterone production, however it is possible for levels to get too low and in turn may be caused by issues within the body such as chronic pain, injuries, diabetes, and obesity. Declining testosterone levels can cause a wide variety of symptoms because it holds so many roles within the body.

As we age, everything gets just a little harder. A dip in testosterone levels affects our ability to bounce back from a night out with the boys, or our recovery time from that intense workout. To help combat this natural process, we have to eat healthier and exercise regularly to maintain normal levels and keep our body healthy longer.

Testosterone is an important hormone in both men and women. It is linked to sex drive, muscle growth and development, and emotional regulation. Men produce ten times more testosterone than women and is produced in the testes and is at it’s highest levels in men between the ages of 14 to 21 years old.

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

One of the first symptoms people notice is hair loss. Minor hair loss may be normal due to aging or genetics, but lower levels in testosterone can contribute to a loss of body and facial hair.

Another major change in the body that becomes noticeable quickly is an increase in body fat. Testosterone is responsible for the way your body stores fat. When the body has a lower level of testosterone, it tends to hold onto everything we put in. This results not only in an increase of body fat, but can lead to a loss of muscle mass, decrease in bone mass, and the potential for cardiovascular disease.

With an increase in body fat, the body then requires more energy to complete simple tasks. Lower testosterone levels result in low energy and fatigue for seemingly no reason. You may even feel tired after getting a full night of sleep.

Energy & Mood

A lack of energy levels often leads to mood changes. Lower testosterone can be the culprit here as well. If you notice your mood erratically shifting or you are increasingly emotional, it may be a great time to visit your doctor. Depression, irritability, and issues focusing can all be caused by low testosterone. A recent study of men’s health shows that men with low testosterone are 4 times more likely to have clinical depression. If you are feeling down in the dumps, it is time to make the call to your doctor.

Last but certainly not least, men with lower levels of testosterone experience lower libido. For many, this is the driving fact for them to reach out to their doctor and have some tests done. Testosterone plays an important role in sex drive for men and low testosterone decreases libido drastically. Erectile dysfunction is another common symptom of low testosterone.

What Treatments Are Available?

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the symptoms, it is important to see a doctor sooner than later. There are many treatments available for low testosterone which will help bring these levels back up. Common treatments include eating more protein, getting more Zinc in your diet, exercising more, losing weight, getting a better night sleep, and increasing sexual activity. Of course there are synthetic ways to increase testosterone as well, but many doctors will ask a patient to make lifestyle changes first before administering medications.

Electing to leave low testosterone levels untreated can be very serious. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, genital numbness, and significant loss of muscle and bone mass can happen if left untreated. Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of the symptoms. Don’t wait until it is too late. Your health is just way too important.


We recommend speaking with your doctor first before considering supplements. Sometimes they can work and sometimes they don’t. Your doctor will be able to determine what the best route to take is. After you speak to your doctor, you can check out some online testosterone booster reviews before making a choice.

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